Monday, 3 February 2014

2. Experimental Techniques


#Criteria of purity

Paper chromatography is a technique that can be  used to separate mixtures of dyes or pigments and is used to test the purity of a mixture or to see what it contains. Firstly a very strong solution of the mixture is prepared which is used to build up a small intense spot on a piece of absorbent paper.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

1. The particulate nature of matter

Important terms to keep in mind.
Atom: The smallest particle of matter.
Molecule: A small particle made from more than one atom bonded together.
Element: A substance made of only one type of atom.
Compound: A substance made from two or more different elements bonded together.
Mixture: A substance made from two or more elements or compounds mixed but are not combined chemically.

Kinetic Theory:
All substances are made of atoms, which consist of protons, electrons and neutrons. 

# States of matter:
The particles in solids, liquids and gases are held near to each other by forces of attraction.